You’ll be shocked what $1 will get you

When you look around, $1 doesn’t get you much these days. Even vending machine options are slim (1.2 oz. of chips?? Are you kidding?).

But you know what a buck can get you, now?
Just access to a fully-loaded WebinarJam account: now only $1 for 60 full days ($720 value).$1 trial of WebinarJam

Now, why do the smart folks at WebinarJam do this? Because they know seeing is believing. And not by looking through any rose-colored glasses, either.

Lots of people (especially their 30,000 customers) will be more than happy to share the power WebinarJam represents to boost your business and rock your conversions. All via the power of live broadcasting and a fully-equipped, built-in marketing system.

But that can’t possibly hold a candle to this…

Nothing beats first-hand experience.

So, I’m proud to share this $1 WebinarJam trial with you:$1 trial of WebinarJam

With it, you’ll gain full access to WebinarJam’s Studio Control Center and everything that goes along with it.

We all know video is red hot, right? Well, what do you get when you take red hot video and combine it with white hot Facebook? (Not something pink, we’re not at Home Depot blending colors with that “auto-shake” paint can machine.)

What you DO get is a whole lotta hot video action to engage prospects and customers alike.

Sure, there are plenty of tools that do Facebook live streaming. But WebinarJam sees Facebook Live and raises it to untold new levels.

Fact is, ALL WebinarJam’s display technology can be sent and streamed to Facebook Live.

Six on-screen presenters at ONCE? Yep.

Buyer alerts and screen share, too? Double yep.

Even video playback from the Video Engine? Triple yep.

Go see inside WebinarJam right here, right now while it’s only $1 for your WebinarJam trial:$1 trial of WebinarJam 

When you do, you’ll discover new ways to make your business bottom line extra happy. All by sharing your message and mission via live broadcasting thanks to the premier webinar software available.

Henrice Kupper

P.S. Yes, robust Facebook Live streaming is a major benefit of WebinarJam! But it’s just one of many you can experience first hand via your $1 WebinarJam trial you can claim here:$1 trial of WebinarJam 

P.P.S. This $1 trial is only open until Midnight Pacific on Friday, September 8th.

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