Did you see that big old oak?

When I walk outside I’m observing and inhaling nature in all her aspects. Always looking for details, something new, surprises, forms, shadows, light, movement and so on. I love to be outside, there is so much to learn!

What I have discovered is that where ever you are there is always somewhere a big old oak standing alone. A big gorgeous beautiful big, big oak. It rises above everything. Majestic and graceful.

This big oak sees everything, hears everything and feels everything of his or hers surrounding. From the people and animals passing by. From the people who take a rest under the oak and have a little conversation with eachother.

This big old oak spend you some shade when it’s hot outside, you can shelter under her leaves when it’s raining. He or she catches your thoughts, wishes and dreams. He stands there and defies everything. Whether it’s ugly or beautiful.

Not many people notice the power of that big old tree but next time when you pass one: stand still, admire him and thank him just for being there…

Have a nice day.
Until next time: Don’t worry, be HAPPY!

Henrice Kupper


I draw from a picture reference. The format of the drawing is a 26.5 x 20.5 cm. I draw on commission (other sizes are possible) All I need is a digital photo with high resolution. Send your email at info@henricekupper.com.

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