Oh dear, oh deer!

Oh dear, oh deer

Late June we had one of our most memorable meetings with nature. We were hiking in Germany. We had done the trip before but this time it was way different to the rest. My husband and I will never forget this beautiful and magic moment. It was so beautiful that it’s hard to discribe.

We had walked for a 15 kilometre when my husband and I stand still because we saw something between the trees at a farm. The trees were about five metre to the road so we did not expect that beautiful animal.

I whisper to my husband: is he real or is it a statue? I don’t know he said. I think it’s a statue. We looked again and I said: well, if it’s a statue it’s a very realistic statue. Beautiful! But I’m not sure, I think he’s real. We stared at the deer and the deer stared at us. He did not move. He was about 170 cm.

I walked a few steps to see if the deer was moving with me with his eyes. But no, he did not. I cannot believe this, I said. He does not move perhaps it’s a statue then. We kept staring at him, he was so beautiful. And those big dark eyes!

What a magical moment!

Suddenly, after some minutes he moved one ear! Ohhh dear, he is real! Did you see that? Yes, beautiful, isn’t it? How extraordinary! Wow! We are here standing staring at a real dear at five metres distance!

The dear was just as surprised as we were and finaly he moved slowly away. Oh dear, oh deer! We got tears in our eyes. This was one of those once in a lifetime moments! We thanked the deer that he gave us this precious moment and wished him good luck and a long life.

As long as we shall live we will never forget this magic moment and we always will indulge this precious moment. Thank you dear deer!

Have a nice day!

Until then: don’t worry: be HAPPY!

Henrice Kupper


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