Happy Horse

On my daily walk we pass many different farms. When walking by I can smell wich kind of animals live in that particular farm.

At one of the farms they have a dog called Mayla. Mayla is a young happy dog and always greets us and wants to play with us. His owner breed horses.

Now and then we have a little chat with him. We talk about his farm and the horses. I do not know much about horses so I’m leraning from the farmer. I do like horses when they are not that big (because I’m not that tall). However when they look healthy and happy I love them also.

I love them most as they are free, outside in the wildernes. I believe that animals should not be kept in captivity. They have the right to be free.

When a horse is outside or stands in his stable you can tell if the horse is healthy and happy. The horse I have drawn today is a very healthy and happy horse. You can see it on his pelt and in his eyes.

His owner takes good care of him so I draw him with all my love.

Have a nice day.
Until next time: Don’t worry, be HAPPY!
Henrice Kupper


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