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When it comes to customers, there are basically two types:

1. The ones who love you and tell everyone how awesome you are.

2. The ones who want to form an angry mob in your front yard (complete with torches and pitchforks).

Wanna know the biggest factor in terms of which type of customer someone becomes?


Customer support used to work like this:

1. Customer needed help.

2. They’d email you.

3. You’d help them as soon as you could.

But that’s not good enough. People would fall through the cracks, emails would be missed, and so forth.

Then people started using Help Desks.

Someone would need help, they’d submit a support ticket, it would be nice and organized, and everything would be hunky-dory.

But now even that’s not good enough.

It takes too long. People want help NOW.

So now there’s live chat. And help desks.

And there’s a system to handle each one …and they’re all expensive …and they’re all kinda confusing.


Kartra can handle ALL of your customer support for you.

It’s got a help desk built right in.

It’s also got live-chat so your customers can get help even faster.

And the coolest part is Kartra knows everything your customer has ever done.

Like – which emails they read. Which links they clicked. Whether or not they accessed their purchases.


…Which makes it super easy for you to help them FAST.

Wanna see it in action? Watch this:

It’s a demo of how simple it is to set up a world-class “Raving Fan Customer Machine” in Kartra …just by clicking a few buttons.

Nothing to sign up for. It’s all part of Kartra’s Feature Week series where we give you new videos showing you how to boost your bottom line (and make your life easier) with Kartra.

It’ll just play automatically here.

Have a look and try Kartra if you like what you see 🙂

Henrice Kupper

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