Henrice Kupper has a mission to contribute to the happiness and wellbeing of other people by sharing her knowledge and skills.

She is born in the Netherlands, married with her husband Fons and she has four fantastic grown up children, three girls (girl and twin girls) and a boy. They all are married and she and Fons have nine beautiful grandchildren now.

In her life Henrice has known many beautiful moments but she has also experienced many heavy periods. Henrice has gone through many trials like diseases, cancer, physical and mental violence, a heavy car accident, the death of her oldest daughter and so on.

At one day she was forced to ask herself:    WHAT DO YOU WANT?

“All right, Henrice said:  what do I want? I do not know. I know what I do not want but what I do want? I really have no idea! Besides that, I also do not know where to begin…”

Eventually she solved this answer and Henrice has researched for over thirty years looking for how she can become happy. Because that is what Henrice wanted. She wants to be happy. No annoying things anymore, she wants warmth, compassion, to be loved, abundance and happiness. She wants that everything goes without saying and above all that she got rest, because she was so tired of fighting…

Henrice found her key to happiness and now she see it as her duty to share her knowledge so other people can find their happiness too.

Henrice went back to college and Henrice is now an academic coach and counsellor, author, trainer, mediator and HR-advisor. In her business DEDITIO she treats and supports people with their personal- relationship- and work-related issues. Henrice does her job with love and passion.

To get acquainted with Henrice and her way of working she wrote a book:
I’m HAPPY, Are You? This bestseller is available as book, ebook and audible.

cover I'm HAPPY, Are You? 2nd

Being happy is hard work. Every day again invest in yourself. Learn a lot, try things out and adapt them. Think and refine. Refine again and again until you become a master of happiness. By trial and error, dealing creative with things and let go. Especially let things go ….

Do the things different, seek for possibilities and do not be afraid. Reward yourself and give yourself many compliments to motivate you so you keep going on. Be proud of yourself. Be open to other cultures and opinions. Form your own opinion. Discover how the world works and how you can profit of it. Discover what your place and goal is in your life.

And if you finally know how the world works and know how you can pick the fruits of, than you only need some maintenance and you will live in abundance!

Henrice found here key to happiness and abundance, how about you?

Take advantage of her knowledge and let her guide you on your journey.

In the mean time: Don’t worry, BE HAPPY!